Fiber composites for medical technology

From a pump cover for a dialysis machine the size of the palm of your hand to a man-high support structure component for a mobile computer x-ray topographer, we manufacture components with the most diverse properties required in medical technology. It may be necessary to realize wall thicknesses of a few tenths of a millimeter or to manufacture completely radiolucent structures.

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A practical example


Stroke patients almost always suffer from a prolonged loss of bodily functions, especially paralysis of the locomotor system.

Your requirement:
When the ability to walk is restored, gait patterns are practiced with the help of physiotherapists. The rehabilitation is laborious and to date it has been largely carried out without specific technical support..

Our solution:
Together with several project partners, carbovation (formerly CarboFibretec GmbH) has developed an adaptive motor orthosis that goes over the foot and knee joint and is used for active gait rehabilitation. The basic framework made of fiber composites is unbeatably light and perfectly adapted to the individual needs of its wearers. The built-in actuator system contributes to active, precisely calculated support of the walking movement, while the sensor system serves for targeted patient monitoring. With an intelligent and customized lightweight orthosis, carbovation (formerly CarboFibretec GmbH) is setting new standards in medical technology.