Code of Conduct – carbovation gmbh 

Preamble / Foreword:

This Code of Conduct of carbovation gmbh is a company-wide code of conduct. This code represents an ethical and moral orientation guide for our employees, and also defines our standards for our actions and for ourselves


Compliance with law and order

We comply with applicable law, applicable legislation and applicable regulations in all countries in which we operate. This is a matter of principle for us, and we expect the same from our business partners and customers.

Human rights are respected

We uphold human rights in accordance with the UN Human Rights Charter. We respect and protect the dignity of our employees and customers.

Compliance with conventions

We reject forced or child labor and any form of ethically or morally reprehensible work. We do not engage in business with companies that do not adhere to these conventions.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest / private activities

Private sideline activities of any kind must be known to the company and coordinated with the respective supervisor. The approval of the company is mandatory for this. Personal business relationships with our customers, partners or competitors are not permitted. Conflicts of interest between professional and private activities must be avoided. Private activities may not affect the interests of carbovation gmbh.

Equal treatment and non-discrimination

At carbovation, we see ourselves as one big family. We treat every employee equally, regardless of gender, origin, skin color, religion, age, personal preferences or other criteria.

Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations

The safety of our employees and customers is important to us. We comply with every form of requirement relating to occupational safety and protect the health of our employees and customers as best we can. This includes not only personal protective equipment and equipment with necessary work and operating materials, but also regular training and instruction.

Protection of the environment

The protection of the environment and the climate are very important to us. Our employees are required to treat all natural resources used in our company (e.g. energy, water, land) with care. A responsible approach to the production and distribution of our products and services is expected from our employees.

Donations and social responsibility

For carbovation it is a great need to be there for our employees as well as for society when help is needed. Specifically with advice, action and financial support. In everything that involves carbovation, it is usually about being able to make as much of a difference as possible with the commitment. It applies that as much as possible of the carbovation-assistance also arrives at the respective project, the respective institution. We do not grant donations in order to gain economic advantages and we do not donate to people or organizations that could harm the reputation or interests of our company. The allocation of donations is always transparent.

Data protection is complied with and information security is maintained

We are committed to protecting the data of our employees and customers. Not only because it is a regulation, but because confidentiality is a matter of principle for us. We treat information confidentially and protect it from unauthorized access. This applies to printed information as well as to any form of electronic information. We collect, store or process personal data only if this is necessary for specified, clear and legally permitted purposes.

Protection of company property and trade secrets

Material and intellectual company property must always be treated with care. These items may only be used to achieve company objectives. Private use or misuse is not permitted. In addition, any form of tangible or intellectual company property must be protected from theft or unauthorized use.

Acceptance of gifts

Our employees do not solicit or accept personal benefits from customers or suppliers that could influence or affect their own behavior with respect to their work for the company.

If gifts are offered by third parties, they may only be accepted if they are common practice and can be recognized as a courtesy or kindness (promotional gifts with the logo of the donating company, such as calendars or pens).

In the case of gifts where the value exceeds the customary amount, the management must be informed. If this is not possible, these gifts must always be refused.

Gifts on our part may also only be offered within the scope of what is customary for the business relationship and to a materially appropriate extent. The recipient must not be able to associate any obligation with it that would influence his or her business decisions.

Prohibition of bribery and corruption

Bribery and corruption are generally prohibited and will not be tolerated by the company. Our employees are prohibited from accepting or granting favors of any kind (cash, travel, gifts, etc.) that are linked to an inappropriate advantage (order placement, project award, etc.).

Our business partners are also required to avoid conflicts of interest that involve a risk of corruption.

Regulated working hours and fair compensation

Working hours are regulated transparently and fairly in our company regulations and on the basis of applicable laws and regulations. Our compensation follows the principle that performance should always be rewarded.


Fair competition

We are committed to fair, free and open competition. We explicitly reject any illegal exchange of information, price fixing, market sharing or similar unlawful and immoral practices of any kind. Violations of competition laws will not be tolerated by us in any way.

Public appearance and communication / “Corporate Ambassadors“

Every employee is also an ambassador or representative of the company. Every employee should always be aware of this. Accordingly, acting and appearing as an employee of carbovation should always be correct and polite. The image and reputation of the company must always be protected. Behavior that damages reputation will not be tolerated

Team spirit

We are all on the same team – manufacturing competence plays an important role at carbovation but a healthy corporate culture is just as important. This means that in addition to performance-based wages and salaries, professional development and training, carbovation promotes a sense of togetherness with joint activities and team-building measures. Team spirit is an important part of the company.

Racism is not tolerated

carbovation stands for diversity, openness and a togetherness of people. We are openly committed against racism and discrimination. Racism and discrimination in any form are not tolerated. This also applies to harassment in any conceivable form.


This Code of Conduct applies to every person in the company. We expect every employee, from management to temporary employees, to behave in accordance with the guidelines and principles of this Code. Supervisors and managers have a special role model function here. The guidelines and information listed here are made available to every employee and communicated regularly. Every employee is requested to report violations of these guidelines.   

carbovation gmbh    

December 2020